About Us

Thank you for choosing M Day Spa, your premier destination for a rejuvenating, relaxing, and customized med spa experience.

With our unparalleled expertise rooted in Marcelle’s decades of field knowledge and commitment to integrating the highest quality products and treatments, you can indulge in healing your body and nourishing your skin with what it needs most. We offer a variety of unique treatments, signature services and top of the line products for your continuing care. Our skilled professionals possess the most up to date knowledge of products, ingredients, and techniques.

Take a break and experience M Day Spa for yourself! Not only will you receive facials that are specifically modified to reflect the condition of your skin, but also, a comprehensive plan that you can implement in the comfort of your own home.

Our expert estheticians specialize in transformation, whether your concern is acne, scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation, or a vision to enjoy more youthful skin.

We will make your skin glow and feel completely renewed as we establish a results-driven custom plan for you. You don’t deserve anything less!


A Letter from M Day Spa

Marcelle Benabou

Marcelle Benabou, owner and founder of the M Day Spa, is a highly experienced esthetician with a gift for creating skin transformations across clients of all ages and skin concerns. Marcelle is not only equipped with a basic knowledge of the skin, but actively studies, conducts research, and goes above and beyond to bring the most innovative and cutting edge technologies and products to her spa. After having attended countless seminars and comprehensive training throughout Europe and other countries for decades, she wholeheartedly believes in skin care advances and integrates the latest breakthroughs into each treatment. Whether a client is silently suffering from cystic acne, is embarrassed about

hyperpigmentation, has unsightly scars, or feels insecure because of deep wrinkles and fine lines, Marcelle is results-oriented, honest, and driven to provide an effective solution. Beyond just performing a facial treatment or administering a product, Marcelle offers an all encompassing experience where each client receives a customized plan with constructive feedback that can be easily implemented. By establishing individual goals and teaching you about how to care for your skin’s needs, Marcelle, together with her team of talented skin therapists, will give you all the right tools to achieve and maintain the flawless skin you deserve.

In addition to facial treatments, we also take pride in our non-surgical alternatives to body sculpting to support the figure you have always dreamed of. Even if you simply want to escape and receive a relaxing massage, our massage therapists will provide just the right touch to alleviate pain and tension as you enjoy a peaceful oasis.

With our high standards and commitment to excellence, we believe the key to successfully managing your skin includes equal parts of education and nurturing. This is a belief and practice at the heart of every M Day Spa treatment.

On behalf of M Day Spa, I would like to thank you for choosing us first to meet and exceed your med-spa needs. We are passionate about the service we provide you and will continuously deliver unparalleled results.

I thank you for all your support; you are more than a customer, you are family.