Marcelle, the owner of the M Day D Spa, is the absolute best person ever to work on my skin her tender care and endless knowledge have improved the texture and appearance of my skin. Lines, dryness and large pores have disappeared from the anti-aging peels she used on my skin.

Claire M. July 6, 2016

The M Day Spa’s permanent make up work has lasted for four years and still looks great. They use a cooling method that is not painful and leaves a natural look. They have great artists that have a great eye and a magic touch.

Debby G. July 6, 2016

First off, if you are looking for a spa to do your facials, skin tag removal, endermologie, brow shaping, or tinting, you have hit the jackpot if you book here.  I had Marcelle remove red spots and skin tags from my upper body.  She is quite thorough and I know my skin will be beautiful.

Sunni D. July 6, 2016

I love this spa!!! I have so many services here and it is great for the "one stop shop" in terms of beauty!

I get my eyelashes done with Shenaz and everywhere I go people think that they are my own eyelashes! In fact, even my own boyfriend had to be reminded one day that they were not mine!!! 🙂  I also had her do an organic facial that they offer and after two treatments my skin is glowing and it even solved some breakout issues that I was having!

There are more services that I have yet to discover with this spa but I trust them and their pricing is fair for the area! The quality is amazing.  The owner and the staff are always professional, pleasant and make me return over and over!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Aalia B. July 6, 2016

Wow this is the best facial that I have ever received!!! They were able to fit me in the day that I called and parking couldn't have been easier (definitely a plus). Shehnaz is very knowledgable and was helpful in telling me ways to help tackle my acne. You could tell she really knew what she was doing and was the best at extracting and gave me a great face, neck, and shoulder massage. I've had multiple facials in my life and really this is as good as it gets. At the end of my facial she gave me samples of face creams to try as well as a juice shot with a cute quote of the day on the platter. I highly highly recommend coming here and will be returning and referring all my friends to The M Day Spa!

Hannah R. July 6, 2016

Amazing spa. The atmosphere and the staff make everything feel so serene and relaxing. Got my brows waxed and tinted with Crystina who did an amazing job! I've only had one person ever do my brows before but decided to try her out once and it was the best decision ever. Then I got a facial by the magical hands of Marcelle! She is so delicate yet makes sure to get all the blemishes gone while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy! So glad I found this place!! And it has a great locations!!

Sapir H. July 6, 2016

The M Day Spa is simply fantastic. From the moment you walk in the doors, you feel assured that you are in a place where your skin and body will be cared for with the attention they deserve. I have gotten two facials for acne so far from Crystina - she is AMAZING!!! She goes more than the extra mile to thoroughly perform extractions and cleanse your skin. She is genuinely concerned about your skin's well-being and progress through treatments, and will stay in touch after treatments to make sure your skin is behaving the way it should. I have seen significant improvement in my acne and can't wait to see how the condition of my skin continues to improve. All in all, my experiences at the M Day Spa have exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone whose skin needs some TLC!

Alexis M. July 6, 2016