M Facials

Signature Facial 60MIN
A cleansing facial that leaves the skin smooth and refreshed. Includes a neck and shoulder massage.
Benefits: brightens and hydrates skin
Clarifying Treatment 60MIN
A deep cleansing facial focusing on extractions to detoxify and balance hormonal complexions. A great facial for acne or problematic skin.
Benefits: removes impurities of the skin/beneficial for oily skin.
Jet Oxygen Express 30MIN
This treatment uses a non-invasive injection of oxygen to reduce fine lines and plump the skin (Does not include signature facial).
*As featured on The Doctor’s Show
Benefits: exfoliates, calms, oxygenates, hydrates and firms
Micro Express 30MIN
A high frequency microdermabrasion treatment that oxygenates and stimulates the skin by using diamond technology to exfoliate the top layer of the skin cells.
Benefits: skin renewal, collagen production and
Men’s Grooming 45MIN
This treatment incorporates cleansing of the skin, a relaxing massage, and removal of superficial nose and ear hair. An ideal facial for all men!
Benefits: cleanse and hydrates the skin.
Diamond Microdermabrasion 75MIN
Using State of the art diamond technology to gently exfoliate the top layer of dull skin cells, encouraging collagen production and allowing your new healthy skin to glow.
Benefits: skin renewal and pore production.
Back Treatment 50MIN
A relaxing and deep cleansing of the back. This treatment leaves the skin soft, smooth and free from breakouts.
Benefits: a deep cleanse to clarify back acne.
Custom Facials and Packages are available